USA woman worlds first to be infected with 14 eye worms

USA woman worlds first to be infected with 14 eye worms

There have been 10 other cases of eye worm infections in the US.

But doctors tried to put her at ease, explaining that the worms were only on the surface of her eye. Beckley was infested with an eye worm species called Thelazia gulosa.

Experts have found that two other eyeball worms related to Thelazia gulosa (T. californiensis and T. callipaeda) can infect humans.

That worm is found throughout the northern USA and southern Canada, but until now was never found to affect humans. According to the CDC, eye worms are spread by species of "face flies", which feed on eye secretions. In the summer of 2016 she had been riding horses in Gold Beach, Oregon, a cattle-farming area. So, when she first noticed an irritation in her left eye, she didn't think much of it. By the time her ordeal was over, 14 worms had been pulled from her eye. The worms were translucent and each less than half an inch long. The researchers there examined her eyes for quite some time but eventually, they observed eye worms moving on the woman's eye.

Previous cases of similar eye worm infections have been found predominantly in Europe and Asia and in rural communities with close proximity to animals and with poor living standards, the researchers told the New York Post. During this process, the flies deposit the worm larvae into the eye, where they grow into adult worms.

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"We had to go back to papers published in German back in 1928 to help identify this worm as Thelazia gulosa", says the study's lead author, Richard Bradbury of the CDC's Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria. She urged to the local doctor and to an ophthalmologist but had no luck.

"[I was concerned] that it would affect my vision, paralyze my face, or get into my brain somehow", she said. After removing all the worms, Beckley had no additional symptoms; neither did the worms recur. But occasionally, the worms migrate across the surface of the eye.

An Oregon woman is the first known human to be infected with a kind of eye worm thought to only exist in cattle, leading scientists to speculate that Americans may be vulnerable to the parasite.

"If this happens to anyone else, I just want them to know that I'm OK", Beckley told BuzzFeed. These worms are usually transmitted by flies. Only 160 cases - linked to species of Thelazia other than the one discovered in OR - have been reported in Europe and Asia, where the worms are more common, Bradbury said.

Meanwhile, Bonura was frantically working with the CDC and Northwest Pathology to identify these odd worms, samples of which had been sent to Bradbury's CDC lab in Atlanta.

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