Steve Kerr Lets Warriors Players Coach vs Suns

Steve Kerr Lets Warriors Players Coach vs Suns

Kerr's strategy appeared to work, as the Warriors put away the lowly Suns easily, winning by a score of 129-83.

"I haven't been able to reach them the last month", Kerr said. They're exhausted of my voice. "I'm exhausted of my voice", Kerr said.

Maybe Kerr has some legitimate concerns about the Warriors growing tired of hearing the same voice. It is the sixth National Basketball Association team he has played for.

While the coaching staff still managed substitution patterns, the players did everything else.

Most of the time, Kerr didn't watch at all.

After the game, Kerr spoke to the media and said it wasn't about disrespect at all.

Doesn't matter what Kerr meant. On Monday night, that dip sank even further.

Everyone focusing exclusively on Kerr's decision to do this, however, is missing the bigger picture, and what Kerr was trying to accomplish in the first place. Well he didn't think he was getting through to his players. "If you've gone to three straight (NBA) Finals and you're searching for something to do, why not?"

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"I wasn't reaching them, and we figured it was probably a good night to pull a trick out of the hat and do something different". You have to account for that. In a couple of years, we're going to turn it around so we can coach ourselves.' So I have no words for that, but it's not right.

The Warriors have been the NBA's best team for the past few years.

"Bringing officials out and humanizing the refs and putting us face to face with the officials in a non competitive environment, we usually only see these guys on game night when everything is heated", Kerr said. Klay Thompson led the Warriors in scoring against their last opponent, the Spurs.

Golden State has won its last seven meetings with Portland, including the first of three this regular season. It was their second-biggest margin of victory all season.

Why should fans schedule to watch regular season basketball at the rate they are now are if the Warriors are just going to display their boredom with it? "We're a long way from now", West said.

According to ESPN, Kerr told reporters that he spoke with Suns coach Jay Triano immediately after the game and explained that it had nothing to do with being disrespectful. "It just seemed like the right thing to do". The Oklahoma City Thunder traded for Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. They have 12 of the same 15 players as last season. Are they lacking motivation?

The Phoenix Suns are bad, and they're looking at a lottery pick this summer that much is certain.

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