Prisoner Who Escaped by Swapping Places With Twin Is Recaptured

Prisoner Who Escaped by Swapping Places With Twin Is Recaptured

Alexander Delgado Herrera is back in custody following his 2017 escape from prison.

That day, he was visited by his twin brother, Giancarlo, who he allegedly doped with a soda, later stealing his clothes and his ID in order to walk out of the prison through the front door, El Espectador reports.

Herrera had been serving a 16-year sentence for child sexual abuse and robbery when his brother Giancarlo came to visit him in prison in January 2017.

No one had ever escaped from the prison before. The Interior Ministry confirmed through a statement that Alexander had been recaptured.

While Alexander was at large, his brother Giancarlo was arrested and investigated on suspicion of having collaborated with his twin.

"We submitted it to an identification process to have a greater identity accuracy and not to make mistakes with his twin brother", the official said.

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They had been tracking him for several months before finally catching up with him in the city part of El Callao, about 30 miles away from the jail, near Lima. The brother was not charged and was released after the investigation.

The Ministry of the Interior had previously offered a reward of US$6,200) for information leading to Delgado's capture.

"This relative was in detention in place of him, but today Delgado Herrera has been arrested".

"I was desperate to see my mother", he told local media following his arrest.

He will now be moved to a high-security prison, the BBC reported.

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