New York City bomber Ahmed Rahimi sentenced to life in prison

New York City bomber Ahmed Rahimi sentenced to life in prison

Late past year, Rahimi began trying to radicalize prisoners at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, prosecutors say.

"It's inexplicable that anyone would do that intentionally", Berman said.

The first explosion, on September 17, occurred along the route of a charity 5K race in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

He became a naturalized United States citizen in 2011.

Addressing the court at length, Rahimi said he understood why there were frustrations between Muslim countries and Americans.

Rahimi also said that his father had reported him to the Federal Bureau of Investigation several years ago because he feared that Rahimi was getting involved in terrorism, and believed in the slogan, "see something, say something". He went on to place a homemade bomb - packed into a pressure cooker and wired to a flip-phone detonator - on a stretch of the Chelsea neighborhood's West 23rd Street, busy with pedestrians on a warm Saturday night.

At the sentencing on Tuesday, Rahimi said he doesn't "harbor hate for anyone", when asked to speak.

In the trial, Ahmad Rahimi criticized the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which said that the father had not sufficiently informed them of Rahimi's interest in terrorist organizations.

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Rahimi "has been attempting to radicalize fellow inmates in the Metropolitan Correction Center by, among other things, distributing propaganda and publications issued by terrorist organizations", according to a letter from then-Acting US Attorney Joon H. Kim to Judge Berman.

The day after the Chelsea bombing, two men walking by the N.J. Transit station in Elizabeth found a knapsack containing more pipe bombs built by Rahimi.

The bomber's father has said his son was remorseful and thankful that no one was killed in the explosions.

Rahimi's arrest came two days after the September 17 bombings during a shootout with police.

Judge Berman said Tuesday that Rahimi's defense provided "not an ounce of justification".

During the trial, the prosecution presented evidence - including DNA and fingerprints - linking Rahimi to the bombs that were placed in New Jersey and NY.

Rahimi, a naturalized US citizen who was born in Afghanistan, was arrested after a gunfight with New Jersey police, who found he was carrying a journal with praise for Islamic terrorists and promises of violence.

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