Government of Alberta sets up online petition targeting John Horgan

Government of Alberta sets up online petition targeting John Horgan

The restrictions, which are part of B.C.'s oil spill response plan, could heavily impact Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

She said that she would give B.C.

The petition points out that the federal government has previously approved the privately-owned pipeline as "it's in our national interest".

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says B.C. can keep its wine until the impasse is resolved.

"I think that what we need to do is not be talking to each other inside this building, but rather speaking to people across this country about the import of our position, and so that's what we're going to do".

"If you listen to them [B.C. government], they'll say we're just consulting on how to protect the environment, and of course if that's all this was about, that would be absolutely fine, because we support those objectives, as all Canadians do".

Party leader Andrew Wilkinson placed the blame on Premier John Horgan for starting the issue - accusing him of picking a fight with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley over Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline project. "It's time to allow the democratic representatives of Albertans have their say, and to show the rest of Canada that we are united in the defence of our jobs and economy".

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Unsurprisingly, they're equally gerrymandered for partisan purposes, precisely what the state court ruled was unconstitutional. However, some local leaders are unhappy that Reading would be in a separate district from most of Berks County in the new map.

But that's why Prodan's quote of rallying people "on either side of the divide" is important, because the ban not only secures Alberta's fight for the pipeline, but could also likely result in B.C. residents fighting for the trade ban to end. She said federal officials were meeting with B.C. officials and she was happy for now to let that process take its course. "This is a very crucial element of our economy, and we can not see it continue to grow the way that it has in the last 10 years without additional, very meaningful investment from the federal government".

Last week, Notley announced Alberta would no longer import wine from British Columbia for sale in the province's retail outlets. They hate pipelines as much as the B.C. NDP.

Kenney commended the Premier for appointing a Task Force to advise government on the issue, but argued if the government was willing to seek input from lobbyists, bankers and academics, it was also time also seek input from Alberta's elected representatives.

"We've got a premier who flew back from Asia to try to convince the Asian communities that a final investment decision is warranted on B.C. LNG (liquefied natural gas)", Black said.

Carr said the Conservatives are trying to manufacture a crisis and that very aware Canada can and will do what it takes to exert its authority to have the pipeline built.

"I have said all along that we live in a country that enjoys all of the freedoms to protest".

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