German Chancellor Receives Turkish Prime Minister Next Thursday in Berlin

German Chancellor Receives Turkish Prime Minister Next Thursday in Berlin

Relations between the two countries have been strained since the defeated 2016 coup in Turkey as Turkish politicians criticized their German counterparts for failing to show strong solidarity with Ankara against the attempted military takeover on July 15, 2016 and the decision in Germany to ban rallies by Turkish ministers and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan previous year.

German Chancellor and Christian Democratic Union (CDU) leader Angela Merkel's commitment to personnel changes in her party was met with mixed reactions on Monday. Schulz said after the deal was announced that he would step down following the members' vote - the results of which are due to be announced on March 4 - to take the job of foreign minister, but later dropped that plan amid controversy. We looked on the coalition agreement text, which provides directions on the new German coalition´s position on energy and carbon. The party's youth wing is already campaigning for a no-vote as it fears that another grand coalition with Mrs Merkel's conservatives will further erode the party's identity.

"If I can contribute to that by resigning, it will have been worth it", he said outside the SPD headquarters. Schulz on Wednesday renounced the party leadership to snatch the foreign minister's post from Gabriel, then, after an outcry, gave up the top diplomat's post too.

Leader of the SPD group in Thurianga, Matthias Hey, said: "Our mood regarding what is happening in Berlin now is down in the cellar".

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Appearing on the public broadcaster ZDF on Sunday night, Merkel had spoken out in favor of handing key CDU posts to younger politicians.

Within the demoralised SPD, an even more dramatic feud has broken out into the open - between election loser Martin Schulz and his former ally turned rival Sigmar Gabriel. Media have speculated that one option might be Katarina Barley, a former SPD general secretary and family minister, or SPD veteran Thomas Oppermann.

Later this month, Mrs Merkel will reveal the names of the five CDU ministers likely to take their place in the new cabinet. Ms Merkel's conservative bloc was also down 1 point at 29.5 percent.

The SPD originally wanted to reinvent itself in opposition but reconsidered when Ms Merkel's attempt to form an alliance with two smaller parties failed late a year ago.

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