Comcast Considering New Offer for Fox Assets

Comcast Considering New Offer for Fox Assets

In a statement Fox wrote: "The combined effect of the Proposed Firewall Remedies is that there could be no circumstances in which, post-transaction, the MFT (Murdoch family trust) or members of the Murdoch family could influence, whether directly or indirectly, the editorial line or policy of Sky News".

Fox in its submission said that, "if the CMA's provisional findings are confirmed, the most appropriate form of remedies would be the "firewall" remedies 21st Century Fox is willing to offer" on top of previously proposed concessions.

The media giant this afternoon committed to running Sky News for at least five years and would establish a fully independent board for the channel.

21st Century Fox has offered a series of guarantees to secure backing for its takeover of British pay-TV operator Sky including a number of "firewall remedies" created to safeguard the independence of Sky News.

In addition, "no employee or officer" of 21st Century Fox or member of the Murdoch family would "influence or attempt to influence the editorial choices made by the head of Sky News". Any appointee to the Sky News editorial board must have experience in the United Kingdom media industry.

Newspaper slammed for 'how to spot gay people' checklist
Just a few months later Sameera Krishnan, a 27-year-old trans woman, was then stabbed and shot three times at her florist shop. Moreover, the article labelled lesbians as tending to hug each other, holding hands, belittling men and staying alone.

Speaking to analysts last week after Disney reported generally positive first fiscal quarter results, which saw the company take a US$1.6 billion benefit from United States tax reform, CEO Bob Iger said that the Fox acquisition would deliver "more content and the production capabilities and talent to produce even more" as well as enhancing its direct-to-consumer presence and enabling geographic diversification of the business.

Earlier, the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) found that if the deal went through, it would give the Murdoch family too much power over news providers in the UK.

The CMA, which will publish its final report on May 1, had last month outlined three possible remedies for its concerns. The paper says he is reportedly mounting a renewed bid to acquire either all the entertainment properties of Fox or parts of it which might be of no interest to the mouse house.

Political opponents of the Fox-Sky deal, led by Labour Party politician Ed Miliband, continued to argue it should not be allowed.

The Murdochs have previously raised the threat that Sky News could be shut down if the acquisition of Sky fails to secure approval.

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