Apple to Revamp Software Development Cycle, Adopt Slower Cadences

Apple to Revamp Software Development Cycle, Adopt Slower Cadences

While TrueDepth and Animojis are now exclusive to the iPhone X, the report indicates that a new iPad model will include the necessary hardware to support the feature.

Apple has yet to confirm the change, but the reported strategy isn't surprising.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, whose sources have proven generally reliable, is reporting that Apple will be holding back some of the more ambitious features in iOS 12 to focus instead on polish and reliability.

But, there's still plenty to look forward to in iOS 12, including Animoji in FaceTime, which would let you overlay the animated graphics over your face during video calls. Apple's animated emojis feature was released with the iPhone X a year ago. More than 90 percent of Apple customers use either of the last two major iOS updates, compared with 30 percent of users who have downloaded the two latest versions of 's mobile OS, according to data from both companies.

Instead of meeting tight deadlines and ticking checklists, development teams might have more say in how certain features that eventually make their way to the final build - or delay them entirely if more polishing is needed.

macOS 10.14 might end up being the biggest beneficiary from the rumoured universal app strategy, with some iOS staples like the Home app appearing on Mac computers.

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Apple's iOS 12 is rumored to feature Animoji in FaceTime, improved Siri integration, and new Do Not Disturb features and more.

So even if Google (googl) and Android manufacturers such as Samsung (ssnlf) often beat Apple to the punch when it came to releasing new features, such as multitasking or predictive typing, Apple devotees could at least say that their platform would do it right when it got round to doing it. However, expected features such as a redesigned Home Screen for iOS and CarPlay, a revamped Photos app, multitasking on iPad etc. are being delayed till iOS 13.

What do you think about Apple's decision to get back to perfecting their iOS software?

These include the ability to run several windows in one app, new features for the Pencil stylus, and a button that would allow users to mute notifications from specific email threads.

According to the Bloomberg article, the only feature to expect on the iPad in iOS 11 is for Apple's Animoji characters to arrive on the iPad (which would match with rumors suggesting that Face ID is coming to the tablet). While the bulk of this report is simply a rehash of the first one, with little new added, Bloomberg adds additional detail on what features Apple will be bringing to their devices over the next two years.

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