Word of mouth about penis whitening attracts customers to hospital

Word of mouth about penis whitening attracts customers to hospital

The procedure is that not that expensive with it costing about 20922.20 Thai Baht ($650) for five total sessions. The thought of it might make you wince but penis whitening turns out to be surprisingly popular in Southeast Asia with clients apparently traveling from as far as Myanmar, Cambodia, and Hong Kong.

But the controversial treatment has caused a stir on social media.

The Lelux Hospital, famous for its body whitening procedures, launched the penis whitening service in July of previous year, and is now struggling to keep up with demand for it from Thai men.

"They have come to ask for information about the services", the hospital's marketing manager Popol Tansakul told The Nation. "We are simply responding to our clients' needs. They want to look good in all areas".

The post was accompanied by a video showing a man lying on the table in a clinic as a doctor seemed to perform the whitening laser procedure. Pioneered around the same time, the service also attracted the attention of men, who started asking for it, so Lelux made a decision to give men the option to have their private parts whitened as well.

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The Lelux Hospital, renowned for its body whitening expertise in a country obsessed with skin colour, began offering the unconventional treatment six months ago after a male customer complained of "dark parts" on his groin.

One penis whitening patient said that he had the procedure so that he'd feel more confident in his "swim briefs", but Thailand's Public Health Ministry warns that the procedure could result in pain, inflammation, scars, sexual dysfunction and "nasty-looking spots", calling it "a waste of money".

And she added: "We have to be careful because it's a sensitive part of the body". "What if your skin becomes spotted?" He claims that our bodies will still build melanin and reverse the effects of the procedure.

Unsurprisingly, news of the treatment caused quite a furor when the clinic posted a picture of a client undergoing a laser procedure on its Facebook page.

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