UNRWA launches global campaign after United States fund cut

UNRWA launches global campaign after United States fund cut

As the USA applies blackmail and punishment tactics against the Palestinian people by cutting aid, other countries have begun to step in to help, with Belgium announcing an immediate payment of US$23 million to a United Nations agency in charge of helping Palestinian refugees in Palestine and regional countries.

The first annual payment is being disbursed immediately "considering the financial difficulties that UNRWA now faces", the statement said.

"I have a lot of respect for UNRWA's work, which has to operate in the most hard and risky circumstances".

UNRWA provides services to 5.3 million Palestinian refugees in the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

Trump made the announcement earlier this week after a series of threats he made earlier this month, where he accused Palestinians of showing "no appreciation", and said payments were conditional on other countries "stepping up to the plate" and contributing more.

On December 15, UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl received a letter from State Department Comptroller Eric Hembree, in which the U.S. pledged $45 million to the West Bank and Gaza Emergency Appeal. "This prevents them from falling prey to radicalization and extreme violence".

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"It is to an agency of the United Nations that is responsible for supporting and alleviating the plight and suffering of Palestine refugees, particularly in the fields of education and health care".

The letter sent Tuesday also makes clear that any additional United States funding to UNRWA will be contingent on major changes implemented by UNRWA, which has previously been criticized by Israel, according to the AP.

"At this time, we will not be providing that, but that does not mean - I want to make it clear - that does not mean that it will not be provided in the future", she said. It is even more appalling and cruel to also cut assistance funding for Palestine refugees.

The US is the largest donor to UNRWA, responsible for nearly 30 percent of its budget.

In the coming years, "Belgium, along with the European Union and countries from the region, will continue to support UNRWA and the Palestinian refugees", De Croo's statement said.

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