U.S. investors urge Apple to address phone addiction among youth

U.S. investors urge Apple to address phone addiction among youth

A couple of Apple's large investors have recently urged the company to do more to stop smartphone addiction in Children, Apple has now responded and has some plans to combat the problem.

"Imagine the goodwill Apple can generate with parents by partnering with them in this effort and with the next generation of customers by offering their parents more options to protect their health and well-being", the letter goes on.

In a statement provided to the Wall Street Journal, a spokesperson for Apple said, "We think deeply about how our products are used and the impact they have on users and the people around them".

However, it has not revealed exactly what these improved parental control might be, or when they will be made available. Currently, every iPhone running iOS has access to a set of parental controls that can be activated at any time. At the moment parents can control a number of things on the handsets.

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California State Teachers' Retirement System and New York-based Jana Partners have warned that the increasing use of smartphones and internet by children have long-term implications for their health.

The shareholders are concerned that the "entrancing qualities" of iPhones have "fostered a public health crisis" that could hurt both children and the company, according to Bloomberg. They say studies show that excessive smartphone use can lead to higher risks of depression and suicide in children and teens.

The letter Apple was responding to, sent by activist shareholders representing a total of $2 billion worth of AAPL stock, suggested features such as the ability to limit on-screen time and parental monitoring of what kids are doing with their mobile devices.

Last year, Apple introduced a new version of their popular messenger service aimed for children between the ages of six and twelve.

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