Trump says tax overhaul will help farmers

Trump says tax overhaul will help farmers

"We know that our nation was founded by farmers". "In every decision we make, we are honoring America's proud farming legacy". "On NAFTA I am working very hard to get a better deal for our farmers and ranchers and manufacturers". "Corrupt politics left our economies hurting, stagnant and millions of hard-working employees completely forgotten".

"Farmers are the president's people", Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told NPR's Morning Edition on Monday.

Republicans, after passing tax reform at the end of 2017, are eager hold on to their majorities in the House and the Senate, and Trump's speech will be a preview of how Republicans will look to sell tax reform during an election year.

"You deduct it all in one year as opposed to over many years", Trump said. Obviously, you love your families; otherwise, you wouldn't be standing for that one.

From now on, most family farms and smallbusiness owners will be spared ... of the deeply unfair estate tax, known as the death tax- so you can keep your farms in the family.

"Oh, are you happy you voted for me", Trump purred later.

"Those towers are going to go up and you're going to have great, great broadband", Trump told the crowd at the Opryland Convention Center.

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Facebook groups organizing for Trump's planned February visit called for one of the largest protests Britain had ever seen. Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO". "His visit ... would without doubt have been met by mass peaceful protests", Khan said.

"Nobody thought of that when we made the bill", Trump added.

Trump also drew loud applause for noting that his administration "ditched" the Obama-era Waters of the United States Rule, a regulation that expanded the definition of waterways where activities were regulated or prohibited.

Trump spent most of his 36-minute speech touting the tax overhaul legislation legislation and his administration's dismantling of Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration rules. "And we're fighting for our country", he said.

"We are doing a job for you, you are seeing it like nobody else", Trump said, touting his own administration. He also said that farmers would be exempt of inheritance tax. "While other sectors of the American economy have largely recovered from the Great Recession, rural America has lagged in nearly every indicator", the president's new task force report indicated. "For too long, our farmers have been overregulated and the needs of our rural communities have been ignored".

The orders followed input from farmers to Trump's rural America task force, who released a report on Monday that detailed their findings, including the need for better internet access. The White House described the move, along with a memorandum directing the Interior Department to work on a plan to increase access to their facilities for broadband deployment, as "incremental", but the start of an effort to make progress on the issue.

Specifically, Trump will sign two presidential orders he said will enhance rural broadband coverage and availability.

Trump touted the just-passed tax reform bill and the relief it will bring to farmers and ranchers.

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