Trump in excellent health and with normal score on a cognitive exam

Trump in excellent health and with normal score on a cognitive exam

The cognitive test on which U.S. President Donald Trump received a ideal score is considered a good screening tool for mental decline in an otherwise healthy person, medical experts said.

Official White House physician Admiral Ronny Jackson announced Tuesday that the president is in "excellent health" following last Friday's physical exam, Donald Trump's first since being elected to office.

"It's called genetics", Jackson replied.

Trump's mental fitness for the job had come under intense scrutiny after a recently published, controversial book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House", portrayed him as childlike and mercurial.

"He would benefit from a diet that is lower in fat and carbohydrates", Jackson said.

"People shouldn't be making those kind of assessments about the president unless they have the opportunity to get to know him and examine him". During an October speech, Trump opened up about his alcoholic brother who died when he was just 43 years old. "I'm not going to address it".

Jackson said that if Trump had any kind of mental issue, the Montreal assessment is sensitive enough to pick those up.

Last week a group of mental health professionals sent an urgent public letter to the president's doctor requesting he test Trump's cognitive abilities.

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I think that the previous statements made about President Trump being one of the healthiest presidents who has served our country are certainly true - and we now have the evidence to back them up.

But Jackson did say he had concerns about Trump's diet and exercise and has recommended some changes.

Aside from the well-known fact that the president has suffered from high cholesterol in the past, and continues to take a small dose of cholesterol-lowering medication, there seem to be no other medical findings that are of concern. He added that the president takes Crestor to help reduce his cholesterol levels, Propecia for male pattern baldness, and Soolantra for rosacea.

"The president did exceedingly well on (the cognitive exam)", the doctor said.

When a reporter asked him how Trump managed to be in such good health despite eating junk food and taking diet coke, the doctor attributed this to his genes.

The test given was the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, or MoCA. "I've never seen the president stressed out about too much".

"He has incredible cardiac fitness at this point in his life and I think a large part of that is due to the fact he has had a life of abstinence from tobacco and alcohol", Jackson said.

Joyce Frieden, News Editor, and Crystal Phend, Senior Associate Editor, contributed to this article.

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