Terrifying moment speedboat crashes into small fishing boat and sending fishermen overboard

Terrifying moment speedboat crashes into small fishing boat and sending fishermen overboard

Bryan Maess filed the lawsuit this month after the Hermiston police officer and two friends were forced to jump into the Columbia River to avoid being crushed by the speeding boat in August 2017.

Video captured three people fishing in OR jumping overboard to avoid being injured when another boat smashed into their vessel.

Larsen's son-in-law was also on the boat at the time of the crash, and told investigators that he repeatedly warned his father-in-law to pay attention, saying he had been using his cell phone off and on all morning.

Larsen, 75, who uses a motorized scooter on land, told investigators he crashed because he was unable to see the other boat from his sitting position.

The boaters were seen on video with their fishing poles in the water when they saw the motor boat speeding toward them.

A terrifying boat crash was captured on camera in Oregon.

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Footage shows Maess, who had been fishing with passengers Christopher McMahon and Roni Durham, frantically waving his arms and shouting 'Hey!' to try and get the attention of the boat bearing down on them.

A boat collision last summer on the Columbia River is now the subject of a lawsuit.

Maess states in court documents that he still deals with pain from jumping off the boat, which caused injuries to his knee, arm, shin, ankle and side of his head.

Larsen said this was "fake news", according to Oregon Live.

Larson is also charged with reckless operation of a boat, fourth-degree assault and recklessly endangering the lives of others.

Investigators said Maess and his passengers likely dodged serious injury or death by leaping into the water. McMahon and Durham have yet to file a suit against Larsen, but their attorneys say they plan to. Attorney Josh Lamborn said Durham suffered psychological trauma during the crash and hasn't been able to return to the water since August.

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