Samsung's SmartThings cloud is coming this spring

Samsung's SmartThings cloud is coming this spring

We knew heading into CES 2018 that voice assistants would be everywhere in our electronics this year and we haven't been disappointing. It was a major trend. This time, it'll be using Bixby, instead of Alexa. "This is the future of television, and it's going to make a significant impact on our industry", Samsung's exec said, which hopefully means the tech will be trickling down to people with budgets of $1,000, rather than $10,000, in a few years. The reason for this is that Bixby can adapt to the user.

TV sets will also have personalized recommendations for movies and shows, based on a user's overall viewing habits on all their devices. And it plans to use its existing SmartThings app to ensure that those devices can all talk to each other-from the TV to the phone to the refrigerator to the washing machine.

You can activate Bixby by saying its name and what you want it to do.

Bixby voice control has been added too, so you don't always need to use your hands if, say, they are covered in flour.

The company is eagerly trying to squeeze Bixby into just about everything, and its latest Family Hub fridge is no exception. In that case, you can listen to music through it. Having connected the TV to his cell phone with Bluetooth, he then loaded his phone apps, such as Pandora, onto the TV without inputting any passwords. So the morning readout that happens when you ask "Hi Bixby, what's new?" will theoretically feature the correct calendar appointments and not someone else's. This voice assistant can also distinguish your voice from that of your spouse and kids. We've seen devices that try to track glucose levels or that follow the motions of your hands to your mouth, but probably the most promising improvement would allow dieters to simply snap a photo of what their eating and have the calories approximated from there. It replaces it with SmartThings integration.

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From the description, the DRVLINE platform is an open, scalable and modular hardware and software-based platform. With this integration, you'll have one app that connects to multiple gears.

So the user would be able to view what is happening outside the front door or in another room with a compatible camera.

The fridge will also include a meal planner which personalises recipes, allergies and will even tell you when food is expiring.

All four new models will be available later in 2018.

Samsung is expanding the Family Hub's range of content with new collaborations with leading companies like HomeAdvisor, Pinterest, The Weather Company and Buzzfeed's Tasty. The company didn't say when that very big, 146-inch model with self-emitting LED bulbs will ship or how much it will cost.

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