Paul Pierce Has Perfect Response To Being Called 'Petty' By Jalen Rose

Paul Pierce Has Perfect Response To Being Called 'Petty' By Jalen Rose

Seeing the controversy his video tribute request has caused, former Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas has now asked the organization not to honor him on February 11.

The Celtics initially had a plan that would have avoided this conflict altogether-that was to show the tribute video on January 3, when the Cavaliers made their first visit to Boston. But since it appears this has caused some controversy w/ Paul Pierce's night I'd ask the Celtics instead to focus all of their attention on #34's career.

Since learning of Thomas' request to push back the video tribute, Pierce has been outspoken about his preference not to share his jersey retirement night.

Pierce himself was also quoted in the story and shared a amusing shot that Kevin Garnett, another prominent teammate of his in Boston, took at Thomas.

He knew the effect of this delay, but he and Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge came out to say that the tribute will be early and quick and will not overshadow Pierce's day. He did 15 years here, so there's nothing I can take from him.

Pierce said that Thomas "had a shot to be honored" during the game earlier this month and should have had his tribute then, regardless of whether he was playing.

The NBA's Top Pick Has Been Traded
Others think that he’ll continue to use the picks himself and construct a young core that can emerge after the Cavaliers vs. Fultz is an ideal scoring guard to run alongside him, and can also take over point guard duties if the Simmons experiment fails.

Rajon Rondo's Celtics Pride surfaced in a big way Wednesday (AEDT) as he rejected the idea the man who succeeded him in Boston merited a tribute video. "He told me, 'This is what we have planned, ' and at the end of the conversation, he said, 'If you don't want us to do Isaiah, we won't.' So I told him, 'I really don't.' So that was it". This time the lucky hot mics belonged to ESPN's Jackie MacMullan and Chris Forsberg, who spoke with No. 34 and Ainge on Tuesday (before Isaiah's tweet hit the internet). "It's guilt. That's what it is". But Thomas was still being eased back from his hip injury and didn't pay in what was the second of a back-to-back for the Cavs.

Either way, in Pierce's eye, it wasn't a good look for Thomas or the Celtics. All types. Including celebrating Isaiah Thomas could be one of them.

Ainge explained that IT always meant to make this choice after learning of Pierce's feelings towards it and he says it wasn't their intention to rain on his parade.

"We owe him a lot. Everyone in the organization".

However, after Pierce's comments on Tuesday, Thomas backed down from his request. Thomas has had an uneven start to his tenure here.

As Pierce told ESPN, even Kevin Garnett was on his side.

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