New Details And Images Emerge On Fisker's EMotion EV

New Details And Images Emerge On Fisker's EMotion EV

Last night, Fisker revealed his creation to the world at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The range? Fisker reckons on more than 400 miles. A conversation we had with Henrik Fisker revealed more about the design, the battery and a secret charging method that he thought could change the EV game. Those LiDARs also help it achieve up to level four autonomous driving capability, too.

The new sedan - which has a $129,000 base price - can reportedly recharge in just one minute and then provide 400 miles of range. The auto is about 197 inches long, with an overall height of about 52 inches, but Fisker says the packaging of the electric powertrain allows for a more spacious interior than most vehicles of this size.

We must first discuss the looks.

It's built from carbon fibre and aluminium, and features elements designed around the LiDARs dotted at the front and rear of the vehicle. The wheels are similarly huge: 24s as standard, on low rolling-resistance Pirellis. It's very luxurious, combining the comfort of leather with the convenience of modern infotainment technology.

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Inside, the EMotion offers seating for five and a relatively simple interior design that appears to be nearly entirely wrapped in leather.

The vehicle, which has 24-inch Pirelli tires and all-wheel drive, comes with four seats - though an extra one can be added - as can a 27-inch curved TV. There's also the option of a 27in curved screen in the rear, available on upcoming Chauffeur Edition cars.

Tech wise, the EMotion has a party trick up its sleeve - a four-zone electrically adjustable tinted roof, while the vehicle itself is approximately the same size as a Model S, measuring in at 16 feet long and five feet high.

The EMotion should arrive before the end of 2019 and if the vehicle lives up to all of Fisker's claims, it could be a real rival for the Model S.

There is word however, on Fisker's other little project: a new solid-state battery. At launch, it will get an LG-supplied lithium-ion battery, but Fisker insists a solid-state battery is on its way.

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