Missouri State student emails all 'Claudias' on campus after accidental Tinder swipe

Missouri State student emails all 'Claudias' on campus after accidental Tinder swipe

The young man had lost his shot at securing a date with Claudia-or so it seemed.

'So, I got the idea to email every Claudia because my friend, Jake, got an email earlier that week about a job offer.

It was a typical day on Tinder, as Hayden Moll was browsing Tinder, be it for an ego stroke-or another kind-flicking through faces at unfathomable speeds, when one young lady caught his eye.

We don't have any idea if the right Claudia swiped left or right, or if they actually are getting along at this point, but we'd hope so.

Moll emailed 40 students at the University of Missouri writing: "Hello all Claudias of Missouri state (I think I may have missed some and if so someone help me)".

I swiped left on a girl with the name Claudia. And because the dating app doesn't show users last names in a profile, all Hayden knew about Claudia was her age and school.

While scanning through the profiles on the dating app Tinder, Hayden Moll meant to swipe right for a chance to match with a girl named Claudia. If you choose "right" we could totally get some donuts or something but if you choose "left" that's cool too.

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The college student sent an email to every Missouri State student named Claudia-that's more than 40 women. "In her bio she said some of her friends were single if anyone liked them better that's fine but they couldn't have her mom".

In Moll's email, he acknowledged he "made a rookie mistake" when he unintentionally passed on Claudia, and detailed the profile's bio with other information to specify which Claudia he was looking for. "If it's none of you Claudias and you know even more Claudias, spread the word". It would be much appreciated!

And followers of the would-be romance soon flocked to Twitter, keen to find out the outcome of the flirtation.

He asked all prospective Claudias to respond with a simple "right" or "left" to let him know if they were interested in him, in which case, Moll proposed going to "get some doughnuts or something".

Another added: "It's been four hours and I'm stressing out by the fact that I don't know if she swiped left or right, ' and a third wrote: 'Did she she email left or right".

The real question remaining now that the two have been connected in real-life is whether the promised doughnut date will take place.

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