Mark Wahlberg refused to approve Christopher Plummer unless he was paid

Mark Wahlberg refused to approve Christopher Plummer unless he was paid

USA Today reported Tuesday that Williams was paid less than $1,000 for the re-shoot, while Wahlberg made $1.5 million.

And Williams - who has 12-year-old daughter Matilda with late ex-partner Heath Ledger - was only too happy to give up her Thanksgiving holiday and work for free on the reshoots because she'd anxious the project would be "flushed down the toilet" following the accusations against Spacey. "Because I appreciated so much that they were making this massive effort", she'd said.

Other actresses including Mia Farrow, Amber Tamblyn and Sophia Bush also spoke out on social media against the reported pay disparity.

Scott told USA Today in December that "everyone did it for nothing". "I refused to get paid", Scott said, but "Christopher had to get paid, but Michelle, no".

"On the day after display of female power at the #goldenglobes, I learned that there was an egregious pay gap between Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg for the All The Money In The World reshoot", Silverstein tweeted.

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After allegations of sexual misconduct against Kevin Spacey came to light, director Ridley Scott replaced the actor with Christopher Plummer and got the cast back together again to reshoot pivotal scenes.

But a person familiar with the situation but not authorized to speak publicly about it tells USA TODAY that is incorrect. "She deserves more than 1% of her male co-star's salary", Ms Chastain tweeted.

Kevin Spacey was replaced by Christopher Plummer only one month before the film was set to hit theatres a year ago, after sexual harassment allegations emerged. It is possible that those representing Williams did not know about the deal that Wahlberg was able to secure. Which put director Ridley Scott in the precarious position of bringing on Plummer before Wahlberg's contract was settled, as TMZ reports. Of the $10 million that Imperative Entertainment kicked in to finance the reshoots, 15 percent went to Wahlberg. The reps said the actor "never" works for free and demanded the money, with the financiers agreeing to pay as they had no choice.

Spokesmen for Imperative, William Morris Endeavor and Sony Pictures, which distributed "All the Money in the World", declined to comment for this article. The problem is that she, her representatives and the producers of "All The Money In The World" all accepted that pulling off that ambitious goal required her to forfeit a salary.

Wahlberg was already not thrilled to have worked for roughly 80 per cent less than his standard fee, the sources said, especially when overseas distributors were using his box-office track record to promote the film.

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