Latest Galaxy S9 leak suggests phone has exclusive UX and features

Latest Galaxy S9 leak suggests phone has exclusive UX and features

Ice Universe, a leaker from China who keeps posting details about unreleased devices on Weibo, said in a rather cryptic message that the Galaxy S9's user interface will be unlike anything Samsung made so far. More and more Galaxy S9 reports were painting a similar picture at the time.

More information has now been revealed about the Galaxy S9 camera, and ironically, it came from Samsung itself. It is very possible that the technology will be seen in the Galaxy S9, as shortly after SamMobile published a report regarding the webpage, Samsung took it down. The company published a new page on its official website for a new ISOCELL camera sensor, which has never been used in a Samsung smartphone. That faster transport will allow the ISOCELL sensor to record super-slow-motion images at up to 480 frames per second in full HD resolution.

The sensor is said to use a 3-stack design that will give the camera in the smartphone some nice features users will enjoy.

France freezes assets of 25 companies linked to Syrian chemical weapons
Coupled with massive USA rebuilding efforts and a push to oust al-Assad, the region is posed for a volatile regime change.

The Mobile World Congress happening next month in Barcelona, Spain may be less than stellar as the two top tech giant and major global players in the mobile industry will no longer launch their next-gen premium flagship phones.

Optus is running promos these until February 26. Samsung recently confirmed that its Galaxy S9 will make an appearance there while Motorola is rumored to be launching several phones, including the Moto G6 and Moto X5. Price and release date Samsung Galaxy J8 (2018) are not reported. As part of its summer sale, Optus is offering healthy discounts on Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

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