James Damore Sues Google for Discriminating Against White Men

James Damore Sues Google for Discriminating Against White Men

A Google engineer who was ousted for writing a controversial anti-diversity memo is suing his former employer, claiming that the tech giant routinely discriminates against white men and alienates conservatives in its ranks.

Damore's suit, which is joined by another ex-Google engineer named David Gudeman, claims that the company discriminates against conservatives and against white males. They want to represent other Google employees and former employees who they claimed were "ostracised, belittled and punished" by the company for their political views and for being white males.

The contents of the lawsuit are bound to drum up controversy, with no-holds-barred wording that accuses Google of a hiring policy that favours women and "minority" candidates and "shames" business unit managers who fail to meet diversity and gender "quotas".

In the memo, Damore argued that women are biologically ill-equipped for senior engineering positions, and that Google's diversity efforts should be examined in regards to their "costs and benefits".

White male conservatives have it out for Google.

Damore was sacked from Google, and while many people cheered this move, some conservative onlookers claimed the engineer actually had a legal case against the tech giant.

The suit includes as evidence of discrimination a meeting held in March ("Women's History Month") in which two women, Ruth Porat, the Chief Financial Officer of Google, and Eileen Naughton, the Human Resources Director of Google. Google also allegedly awarded "Peer Bonuses" to employees who disparaged Damore.

More broadly, the lawsuit alleges that Google - perhaps dominated by employees who voted Democratic in 2016 - has not shielded Donald Trump-supporting employees from harassment. He claimed that women's "neuroticism" and men's "higher drive for status" are among the factors that contribute to gender disparities in tech.

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CEO Sundar Pichai said in a note to employees distributed in August that portions of Damore's memo "violate our Code of Conduct and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace".

CEO Sundar Pichai said in an email to staff after Damore was sacked: "That to suggest a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and not OK".

While many have condemned Damore's views, others in the Silicon Valley tech world have wondered if there was a bias at Google that disallowed the open expression of politically conservative viewpoints.

But Google isn't only accused of leaning too far left; the company is also embroiled in a suit accusing it of systematically underpaying women.

Some of the Liberal media outlets out there are attempting to continue their attacks on Damore and the lawsuit, but the evidence is quite clear this time around and it will be hard to spin the news otherwise, especially if the general public takes a look at the files for themselves.

The suit isn't the only one Google is having to defend itself against.

Damore became an alt-right celebrity after his firing.

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