Instagram has just released a creepy new feature

Instagram has just released a creepy new feature

Allow accounts you follow and anyone you message to see when you were last active on Instagram apps. However, disabling the last seen will disable you from seeing the last seen of your friends too. For example, you could be shown as "Active now", "Active 1h ago", or "Active today". Thankfully, it is easy to switch off this feature, keeping yourself away from those who are just waiting for you to go online.

There is added pressure with features like WhatsApp's blue ticks and Facebook messenger's "last seen" feature, since the person knows you've seen their message and you're online - it feels rude not to respond there and then.

On the settings screen, scroll down a bit and you'll see a new option called "Show Activity Status", which is on by default. The new Activity Status feature is a part of the Direct section.

Activity Status is much like WhatsApp's last seen feature.

The activity tracking can be turned off relatively easily in "settings". One can choose to toggle it off, but, doing so will also disable activity status for other users.

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The option can be toggled on or off.

This new activity status rolled out with the latest update for the Instagram apps on both Android and iOS. Thankfully Instagram included the ability to turn it off.

It's worth noting that if you turn off the status feature, it will stop people from seeing your status - but will also block you from seeing the statuses of other users.

Until now, Instagram's Stories shows images and videos. The feature will send notifications to users if someone takes a screenshot of their stories. There will be a lot of filters also available which you can try out before uploading a new stories. The app will add some more feature in the next updates as the giant is already testing out plenty of new features. Did you like it?

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