I tried the first phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor

I tried the first phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor

The Synaptics, the Clear ID in-display fingerprint sensors magically activate in the display only when needed. Notably, Samsung was rumored to include an in-display sensor in the Galaxy S8, but reportedly opted not to because the tech wasn't ready. Smartphone makers have long struggled to bring out in-display fingerprint scanner.

"Vivo says that this is world's first ready-to-produce smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner, and just to be clear, on the inside lies Synaptics" in-display fingerprint scanner, 'Clear ID'. Vivo was not alone as another company, Doogee, has incorporated a fingerprint sensor underneath a 6.2 inch display on the Doogee V. Some analysts predicted that the OEM was Vivo, and the company confirmed those suspicious at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

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Starting January 12th, you'll be able to order the Snapdragon 625-powered Motion from Amazon or Best Buy here in America for $449. BlackBerry also announced a new Bronze color variant for the BlackBerry KEYone at the event: The Bronze Edition KEYone .

On Tuesday, Vivo announced that it's the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to use Synaptics' Clear ID sensors. We might even see it at MWC 2018 that will be held in February.

According to the senior VP at Vivo (Alex Feng), the device will provide a more comfortable authentication experience and it will be officially announced early 2018. Scanning between the OLED display's pixels, it effectively does the same job as the old direct-contact fingerprint displays (if a tad more slowly). With companies shifting to bezel-free OLED infinity display, it doesn't leave any room for fingerprint scanner below the display. The only difference I experienced was that the Vivo handset was slower - both to learn the contours of my fingerprint and to unlock once I put my thumb on the on-screen fingerprint prompt - but not so much as to be problematic. If everything goes well, quite a few smartphones this year might incorporate the tech.

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