Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Her Father Passed Away

Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Her Father Passed Away

In fact, she was able to say her goodbyes.

Fans know Ellen DeGeneres as a source of fun, positivity, and support, but on January 11, she was the one that needed a shoulder to cry on.

She wrote: 'This week, at the age of 92, my father Elliott DeGeneres passed away. I mentioned yesterday when I was talking about all the mudslides that are going on in my community of Montecito, which is heartbreaking, I said that I had a lot going on in my life. The 59-year-old TV host said she "lost (her) dad this week" in addition to "what's going on in Monetico", referring to the mudslide in Santa Barbara. He was a kind man, very accepting man.

"That is my dad, Elliot".

As a tribute to her beloved father, Ellen then showed a picture of the duo when she was a little tot, and stated that her father lived a good long life as he managed to live his life exactly how he envisioned. Ellen explained her dad as being one of the most non-judgmental people out there, and before he passed away, she got to say "goodbye to him".

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She had a slice of banana cream pie ready for the occasion, but Fallon, not one to be outdone, also started gobbling pie and doing jumping jacks to show his love for Ellen. "I got a rainbow before he died". "And now I work on the Warner Bros. lot and have my own stage with my name on it, so he was really proud of that", DeGeneres said. "This is what I saw after I talked to my dad, and he died ten minutes after that".

"We only took one family vacation".

'He loved this business. He loved that I was in it.

Ellen also revealed her dad sent her a colourful message upon his passing - a rainbow over the studio where she films her daily show.

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