Ed Sheeran hit with plagiarism lawsuit from Australian songwriters

Ed Sheeran hit with plagiarism lawsuit from Australian songwriters

Two Aussie songwriters are suing Ed Sheeran over what they say is a "blatantly copied" song.

According to the lawsuit, Rae and Golden were writing with Carey in December when, after Rae mentioned a fan's tweet about McGraw and Hill's song, they listened to "The Rest of Our Life" and chose to file their suit.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sean Carey and Beau Golden filed a lawsuit in NY federal court on Wednesday, Jan. 10.

This new lawsuit states that "the copying is, in many instances, [a] verbatim, note-for-note copying of original elements of [Carey and Golden's] song, and is obvious to the ordinary observer".

Sheeran, along with co-writers Johnny McDaid, Steve Mac (real name Steve McCutcheon) and Amy Wadge and their respective publishing companies were accused of ripping off "When I Found You", by that song's co-writers Sean Carey and Beau Golden.

The similarities between the two works were brought to the attention of Rae by way of a fan tweet, according to the suit.

Rae, a co-writer on the song but not named amongst the plaintiffs, recorded When I Found You in 2015, with the single topping the Australian Country Radio charts the following year.

Carey and Golden claim in their lawsuit that the two songs are musically similar, while also containing similar lyrics and identical themes of love and marriage.

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The similarity between the two songs ends when comparing their traction with music consumers.

There's also a relationship tie between Sony and "When I Found You" performer Jasmine Rae, according to the lawsuit.

"When questioned by plaintiffs as to his silence about the similarities between "When I Found You" and the infringing song/infringing sound recording, Mr. Holland stated he did not want to lose his job with Sony Music", the complaint alleges. Rae is not part of the lawsuit.

Sony Music, McGraw, Hill and Sheeran have all yet to comment on the lawsuit.

The suit also claims that Sony employees were aware of how similar the songs were, but did nothing about it. Rae supposedly tried to involve her boyfriend, Tim Holland, a marketing manager for Sony, in the conversations about the suit.

The new song - played more than 9 million times.

The duo are being represented by Richard Busch, the same attorney who helped Marvin Gaye's family win a copyright lawsuit against Robin Thicke over the song "Blurred Lines".

The complaint says that based on downloads, Spotify and YouTube streams, TV broadcasts and live performances, Sheeran and his co-writers have profited in excess of $US5 million from The Rest of Our Life.

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