Dallas County Now Up to 23 Flu-Related Deaths This Season

Dallas County Now Up to 23 Flu-Related Deaths This Season

He warned it was "inevitable" the flu strain would hit the UK. The City of Houston Health Department said one woman died at the end of November, while the other died at the end of December. That means the virus has been confirmed in a lab in at least half of the regions of the state.

Canada's flu shot contains the same vaccine components as that used by Australia during the Southern Hemisphere's flu season that ended in August, which was found to have only 10 per cent effectiveness in preventing H3N2. Additionally, recently published studies found that people vaccinated against the flu are less likely to have serious complications that could put them in the hospital.

Johnson said those who have been diagnosed should drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest. Austin's emergency rooms have also seen an influx of flu patients.

In the report Thursday, the department said flu activity is showing a continued increase across the state.

Lyndy Stone, Shannon Medical Center's director of marketing, said unlike other areas in Texas or around the USA, no deaths have been directly related to the flu in San Angelo.

That might be the result of an earlier season. WakeMed Hospital is reporting a sharp increase in flu cases. Peak season is anywhere from 6,000 to 8,000 cases. In Collin County, 1,484 out of the 1,733 confirmed cases are type A. Both CDC and MDH have notified medical providers of the importance of prescribing antivirals during this flu season.

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Those over the age of 9 are eligible for the free shot. A Houston doctor said local hospital beds were at capacity, telling flu sufferers they might be better off staying at home.

Big-city hospitals in Texas have been overwhelmed this week by an influx of flu patients, and state health officials say influenza activity is widespread across the state. If you touch something, it gets on you.

It usually takes between one and three days for flu symptoms to develop after catching the virus.

"Some people can be infected with the flu virus but have no symptoms".

If residents start to feel the symptoms of the flu - congestion, nausea, runny nose, etc - Andrews encouraged them to stay home from work or school to avoid spreading the virus. That way they can prescribe you the right antiviral medications like Tamiflu.

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