China shuts down Marriott website for listing Tibet as separate country

China shuts down Marriott website for listing Tibet as separate country

Multiple commenters on the original Weibo post noted it is common practice for foreign companies to list Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau as "countries", especially in English-language content.

It triggered an uproar on Chinese social media as Tibet is an "autonomous region" firmly under Chinese control since the 1950s.

The former colonies of Hong Kong and Macau have been Beijing-ruled since the 1990s, but retain some autonomy from the mainland.

"According to the advertising law, Marriott may face a maximum fine of 1 million yuan (153,822 USA dollars) or have its business license revoked", Wu said.

China's tourism regulator ordered other hotel operators to review their own websites to avoid similar mistakes. "Officials must. severely punish violators".

Marriott is also investigating the "careless like" by one of its official social media accounts of a pro-Tibet tweet that suggested its support for the position.

Competent Chinese authorities have taken measures to handle the case and the company has apologised, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kanog told reporters when asked about the Marriot mail.

The shots showed that Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Tibet were offered as possible answers to the question, "Which country are you now living in?"

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Marriott has now begun an investigation.

Marriott said it would take disciplinary action, which could involve firing the people involved.

Shanghai authorities said in November they had fined a local advertising agency one million yuan ($150,000) over a Chinese map that appeared in an advertisement it produced, saying the map was inaccurate and "damaged the country's dignity".

Marriott International Group executives were questioned by Shanghai police in an investigation of possible violation of cybersecurity laws, according to news reports.

"The companies that come to China should respect China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, abide by China's laws, and respect the feelings of the Chinese people".

Sorenson has previously described China as his firm's biggest market.The hotel conglomerate operates 6,200 properties in 125 countries around the world.

Taiwan, which calls itself the Republic of China, and goes under various names in worldwide organizations, has been self-ruled since 1949 in defiance of the Communist regime in the PRC. China annexed Tibet in 1950, although Beijing has long claimed the Himalayan region has been an indivisible part of China throughout history.

According to China's aviation authority, it would require all worldwide airlines operating in China, to check up their websites, apps and customer-related information so that they "strictly comply with China's laws and regulations to prevent a similar thing from happening".

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