Big Brother's Rebekah Shelton confirms she is alive

Big Brother's Rebekah Shelton confirms she is alive

Brazilian-born Rebekah underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2014, and told OK! magazine that her family were having trouble coming to terms with it.

In the early hours of today (Friday, January 12) it was reported that Rebekah had "unexpectedly" passed away earlier this week.

Rylan Clark has reached out to former Big Brother contestant Rebekah Shelton after reports of her death, which made national news, was actually a result of her Twitter account being hacked. Please stop spreading this news!

The transgender "Big Brother" star Rebekah Shelton, who appeared on the show as Rodrigo Lopes in 2009, died Wednesday night at the age of 32. This person can't accept that I've overcome all of my problems and I'm living my life happy.

Taking to Twitter she deleted the previous tweet in which her death was announced and replaced it with "I'm not dead!".

Apparently her experience with surgery hasn't always been entirely positive, and during an appearance on Judge Rinderin 2016 she revealed that she'd be struggling to cope after botched breast surgery. She also briefly starred in an episode of "Hollyoaks". "I am the happiest I've ever been in myself, but I lost so much along the way", she said. "I'm not sure what I would do if I could go back in time". "I remember watching her on Big Brother a few years ago and I loved her personality".

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And Rebekah added: "No one wants to choose the hardest path to go through, it's hard, it's rough". It's a hard decision.

"It gave me the acceptance I had been looking for my entire life - I started dressing like the girls, and I felt like I was getting to know myself better with every new piece of clothing".

Rebekah said she spent five days in intensive care and one month in hospital having her surgeries. Nobody wakes up and says, tomorrow I'm going to be a woman.

'He saw me as a woman, the person I am.

"I saw that frightful thing between my legs and I started crying around the hospital saying, 'I regret, I regret.' I wanted to kill myself because it was a nightmare".

Another replied to the message and said they would remember her as "one of the most loveable BB housemates".

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