Valve licenses Portal to Headup for new Bridge Constructor game

Valve licenses Portal to Headup for new Bridge Constructor game

It will be coming to PS4, Switch and Xbox One early next year. The original Bridge Constructor first launched back in 2013, and it tasks players with, well, designing bridges.

Headup Games and Clockstone Software are teaming with Valve to release a new edition of Bridge Constructor themed around Valve's classic narrative-based puzzle game, Portal. Players will have to create and design constructions that allow vehicles to safely pass over them.

A collaboration between Valve and Bridge Constructor developer Clockstone Software, Bridge Constructor Portal is a standalone game coming to Windows, MacOS, Linux, and mobile on December 20.

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Portal is a beloved gaming franchise for many, and while fans still want a proper sequel to the game's last release, it's probably not happening anytime soon.

Throughout the process you're guided by an artificially intelligent supercomputer named GLaDOS, who quickly reveals herself to be equally sinister and witty. If, however, you've been holding out for Portal 3, it seems that you'll be waiting longer. The game will jump to consoles sometime in 2018. Bridge Constructor Portal combines the standout gameplay mechanic of Portal with engineering bridges to make some truly interesting creations!

Turns out, if you don't take Valve games too seriously, it's a lot easier to enjoy yourself when all that's available is a twee little bridge-building smartphone app. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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