Police investigating 1990 Stallone rape claim; actor denies accusation

Police investigating 1990 Stallone rape claim; actor denies accusation

Sylvester Stallone was accused of sexual assault in a police report filed in Santa Monica, Lt. Saul Rodriguez of the Santa Monica Police Department confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. As CrimeOnline previously reported, a 1986 police report revealed that a 16-year-old girl had accused Stallone, then 40, and his bodyguard of forcing her into a threesome in a Las Vegas hotel.

According to TMZ, Stallone's attorney Marty Singer claims the woman contacted another media outlet with her story, but that outlet was unable to corroborate it.

Sylvester Stallone is now being investigated for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in the 90's, and detectives say they are gathering evidence to determine whether the crime happened or not.

Now, Stallone and his lawyer are waiting to confirm her complaint this morning, and if they find out that she did indeed go to the police to accuse Stallone of rape, they will file their own complaint "requesting she be investigated for filing a false police report".

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When the story resurfaced last month, Stallone denied it.

Stallone reportedly admits to spending three days with the woman during a film shoot in Israel in 1987, but claims that he never saw her in 1990, the year the incident is alleged to have taken place. However, we're told Sly broke things off after he discovered the woman had an estranged husband who was very upset about the actor's involvement, and also believed the husband may have been connected to someone tossing a molotov cocktail into his backyard. He was single, she was not a minor and he says there was never a rape. She however proceeded to tell her story to the police later that same year. He also allegedly threatened to "beat her head in" if she told anyone of her experience.

"He should be ashamed of himself, what he did to me affected my life and destroyed me", she told the Baltimore Post-Examiner.

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