Pizza party in space sounds surprising: Check out NASA scientist's Pizza Bash

Pizza party in space sounds surprising: Check out NASA scientist's Pizza Bash

And everyone knows that a great pizza requires a quality pizza oven-probably not the best use of space and resources on something like the International Space Station (ISS). Now, in perhaps an even bigger breakthrough, astronauts on the ISS are making pizzas in zero gravity and documenting the results on film.

The Italian is now aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and found himself, very relatably, missing the comforting taste of pizza.

Truth be told, prepping pizza in space is much like prepping it at home, apart from the fact that just about everything is floating about.

A supply spacecraft in mid-November brought all the necessary ingredients: sauce, cheese, pepperoni, anchovy paste, tomatoes and more.

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Once heated, the astronauts have some fun with their if-we're-honest-not-particularly-tasty-looking pizza by launching them around the space station like frisbees. The Expedition 53 crew fastened the ingredients to a table with Velcro and used scissors to cut the pizzas into slices.

Commander Bresnik, a NASA veteran, called the pizza "flying saucers of the edible kind".

Being in space is fantastic and cool, but have you ever had pizza?

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