Kroger recalling water for babies after mold discovery

Kroger recalling water for babies after mold discovery

According to a news release on the Food and Drug Administration website, the recall is for 1-gallon bottles of Comforts FOR BABY Purified Water With Fluoride Added with sell-by dates from April 26, 2018, to October 10, 2018. The water was sold in 14 states at Kroger stores and other supermarkets, including Food 4 Less, Jay C, Owen's and Payless Super Market. Testing by Kroger identified the mold ad Talaromyces penicillium.

The FDA said the mold, idenfitied as Talaromyces penicillium, is not visible to the naked eye.

The FDA is issuing this alert to reach parents and caregivers who may have bought the product and don't know about the recall.

According to a release, the product was distributed to Kroger stores in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky.

If you have purchased the water, you can return it to the store for a refund. What's the problem? A type of mold that could cause serious allergic reactions.

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FDA warned that babies may suffer allergic reactions - skin rash, runny nose, sneezing - if they drink the water.

However, people who are allergic to the mold and also asthmatic may suffer asthma attacks.

The Food and Drug Administration says exposure to the mold can cause skin and repiratory irriation.

Babies with HIV or immune-compromising conditions are particularly at risk, the release said.

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