IPhone X, unlocked and SIM-free, arrives in US

IPhone X, unlocked and SIM-free, arrives in US

The prices are the same as what you'll pay from the carriers themselves: $999 for a 64GB model, and $1,149 for a 256GB one.

Apple is now offering the unlocked, SIM-free version of its anniversary phone to fans in the USA who haven't decided on a carrier - but there's still a one-month waiting period.

This means that you can buy an iPhone from Apple without specifying which carrier you'd like to use it on.

Apple is now selling versions of the high-end iPhone X that have no traditional subscriber identity module, or SIM, card and is instead using an embedded electronic version of the device.

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Simply select "Buy without a carrier" when purchasing the device from Apple's site, and you'll have a fully unlocked unit compatible with all networks in the United States - both GSM and CDMA. The SIM-free iPhone sold on apple.com and at the Apple Store is unlocked.

If you completed the carrier activation steps for AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon when you purchased your new iPhone online, it will arrive ready to use. You can, however, pick one up in Apple's retail stores today. You'll need to get a SIM from your carrier, but your iPhone X won't be locked to their service.

Shortly after the iPhone X went up for pre-order, shipping estimates from Apple slipped from days to weeks, sometimes as long as 5-6 weeks after order.

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