Google to Block YouTube on Amazon Devices

Google to Block YouTube on Amazon Devices

Google made a decision to implement the restriction since Amazon does not sell Google's products.

Amazon today announced the Prime Video app is available on Apple TV 4K and previous generations of Apple TV in over 100 countries. To get it, you need to go to the tvOS App Store and search for "Amazon", click on Amazon Shopping, and then select Prime Video from the "More by this Developer" section.

Nevertheless, the inclusion of Amazon Prime Video app in Apple TV will help strengthen ties between the two tech giants.

With Amazon finally relenting on its years-long holdout, it seems the company may be finally realising it needs support from partners such as Apple if its streaming video service is going to thrive. (With Fire TV and Apple TV, you can pair wireless headphones).

Google blocked YouTube access via the Echo Show, Amazon's smart speaker with a touchscreen, on Tuesday and will stop supporting YouTube on Amazon's Fire TV set-top box on January 1.

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Like Apple and iTunes, if you want to see a recent blockbuster film such as Wonder Woman or an episode of The Walking Dead, you'll have to pay extra for it. You can't get access to Sky's 4K sports coverage (although that holds true on any platform save Sky Q), and although there is a Now TV app, this only provides access to Sports via day passes. Amazon had explained the move by saying it wanted to avoid confusing customers who might expect its Prime Video service to be available on devices sold by Amazon. Both promise streaming in 4K resolution, voice-activated remotes, an ethernet jack for plugging into high-speed Internet (important if you want to stream in 4K) and access to many channels. According to eMarketer, the Roku ($30) is the most popular streaming device in the U.S.

Ever since its first iteration, one of the Apple TV's major weaknesses has been its lack of an Amazon Video app. Apple listened to customer complaints, and promised way back in September that the service would make its way to the premium streaming box in question.

"Making the situation even more unusual is that when I first installed the Amazon Video app yesterday, shows were appearing with the 5.1 header information on them".

It's also worth remembering that it supports playback of both music and video content via AirPlay, so even if the selection of native Apple TV apps doesn't cover your favourite service, you may still be able to stream it to your TV.

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