Gingers, Cupcake, Swan Among Proposed Emojis for 2018

Gingers, Cupcake, Swan Among Proposed Emojis for 2018

Newly proposed guidelines under consideration by the Unicode Consortium, the non-profit group that maintains Unicode as the global standard for symbols across software platforms, could soon radically change the way we use emojis. The included emoji is sure to go through several changes before the final meeting in January, so check back frequently!

Emoji are a big part of today's conversations and they're constantly evolving, improving, and expanding.

The list of emoji characters was renamed to Emoji 11 instead of 6 to connect it to further versions of the entire Unicode standard. The Unicode Consortium - the organization responsible for adding and approving new emojis - has recently added new and updated collections to the iOS 12 emojis, set for release in 2018.

Some of the other emoji candidates in the beta include the teddy bear, mango, party face, spool of thread and skateboard.

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There are also new animals such as raccoons and llamas, new food & drink items, a new cracker emoji filed under "activities", new objects, tools, household items, symbols, and more. That being said we still need to wait until January when the final list will be announced. It's important to note the list of candidates is not a final list and is subject to change before approval. "The following ZWJ mechanism can be used to pick an explicit direction".

The brains behind the emoji you use on your phone have announced new plans to let you be able to swap the direction each one is facing, with the feature possibly launching at some point in 2018.

And you think to yourself, "Look at how talented these enterprising young rodents are", and "I would like to celebrate this opus by recreating it using emoji", like so:. While this is unfortunate for users who want to text a picture of a dismayed pile of poop, it's nice to know that the list is being continually updated to best reflect a combination of efficiency and the needs of their audience.

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