Christmas tree trends: What's popular and how local growers plan for it

Christmas tree trends: What's popular and how local growers plan for it

Here are some factors to consider when deciding between a real or artificial Christmas tree. Instead, it will just go to the landfill once a year, versus the artificial tree, which should last many years before you have to toss and replace it.

For improved outdoor air quality, real tree: All trees, even those planted exclusively to cut for Christmas a few years later, are beneficial to the environment, according to Clean Air Gardening.

In the past four years, improperly secured Christmas trees have flown off vehicles and caused more than 200,000 crashes.

"The flawless Christmas tree is always in the eyes of the beholder, but when you sit around your tree with your family, it will trigger those memories of how it became your tree", Ready said of the act of hiking and selecting a tree from the national forest. Vehicle damage that results from an improperly secured Christmas tree, such as scratched paint, torn door seals and distorted window frames, could cost up to $1,500 to fix. "It is the depth of color of real trees and the smell that really appeals to people, as well as the notion that something alive is coming indoors".

To avoid having a hard time and prevent your decorations to fall, think of your ornament strategy in advance; choose your tree based on how thin, thick, tall, small, or dense you need it.

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Home Depot associates and local volunteers will run the giveaway in Roswell, ensuring additional community members have the opportunity to decorate their homes and celebrate Christmas without worrying about how to afford a tree.

Tis the season for Christmas tree shopping! If you're not putting your tree up right after you cut it down, make sure to keep it standing in a bucket of water in your garage to keep it fresh. Douglas Firs are definitely fuller, they're a lovely tree.

So if you're particularly susceptible to breathing issues, not to be all Scrooge over here but it might be more sensible to get yourself a fake tree. North Carolina is the nation's second-largest Christmas tree exporter, after OR, producing more than 20 percent of the country's supply. You can also stand the tree or a few of its larger branches in the yard as an organic feeder and sanctuary for birds.

It's the day after Thanksgiving and the Boyd Mountain Christmas Tree farm in Waynesville is packing a Black Friday crowd. Christmas Tree Santas has been working to change since establishment in 2011.

After reviewing all the evidence, if you're still undecided or drawn to the same decision you've made in years past, don't fret, advised CR. "And no one said you couldn't purchase more than one!"

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