Black Mirror Season 4 Release Date Announced

Black Mirror Season 4 Release Date Announced

It seems like we've been waiting years for Netflix to finally release new episodes of Black Mirror.

Netflix took over the series from Britain's Channel 4 back in Season 3, and have been elusive as far as divulging information surrounding the six upcoming episodes.

Taker a look at it above! The Charlie Brooker-created series returns Friday, December 29. The "reality is an episode of Black Mirror" refrain is still relevant in these surreal times-most recently, people have been getting weird vibes from the wildly popular iPhone game HQ Trivia.

Since they are standalone stories, they can be watched in any order, although "Black Museum" is sprinkled with details that mean more if you have already seen the other stories. Now, as reviews are coming out for the season, they have revealed the official release date.

John Travolta's new film Gotti dropped by Lionsgate
Travolta says he found a partner in Edward Wilson, who has produced films like Woody Allen's "Cafe Society" and " Wonder Wheel ". Travolta and Wilson will now look for a new theatrical distributor.

Publicly displayed memories are the basis of "Crocodile". You'll have to wait until Season 4 drops to find out which one. But will Season 4 continue the series' trend of dropping in some happier moments?

"Hang the DJ" is taking on issues of online dating, as it takes place in a futuristic world and features a dating app that tells you everything you need to know about your partner. Among this season's directors are Jodie Foster, Toby Haynes, John Hillcoat, and Colm McCarthy. They never get old, and there is no way you'll get sick of the twists at the end.

Perhaps the most counterintuitive of the Season 4 offerings, "U.S.S. Callister" is being billed as a full-length Star Trek parody.

In the Black Museum, the owner and proprietor promises that "If [an object] did something bad, chances are, it's in here".

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