Amazon Australia is live, Prime to launch in mid

Amazon Australia is live, Prime to launch in mid

Amazon Australia at launch has a pretty good range including Chromebooks from $289.23 for the Asus C202SA which should make everyone a bit happier about Chromebook availability in Australia. This time it is very real.

In a statement on Tuesday, Amazon said it would offer free delivery on "eligible" orders over $49, and one-day delivery in some regions.

Access to Amazon's digital books Kindle store and streaming service Prime has been available for some time but today is the the first time products are available from Amazon locally.

After months of speculation, Amazon has finally launched its online retail store in Australia today, with consumer electronics front-and-centre as one of the highlighted product categories. There are no imminent plans to bring it here.

Braeuniger said Amazon was committed to Australia for the long-term and wanted to become a significant part of the Australian economy and retail sector.

"By concentrating on providing a great shopping experience and by constantly innovating on behalf of customers, we hope to earn the trust and the custom of Australian shoppers in the years to come", he said.

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"They can sell at whatever price they like, but I can't and Woolworths can't and Coles can't, how come Amazon can do what they like and break all of the rules but none of us can?"

Small and medium-sized Australian businesses are selling on Amazon Marketplace.

Currently Amazon Australia employs around 1000 people in its Dandenong South warehouse and corporate offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.

Australian customers can now shop on or using the Amazon shopping app which is available from Google Play.

"While it can be a challenge to ensure potential customers find your website, Amazon already has hundreds of millions of customers around the world searching for new products. The result will be an ever-improving customer experience driven by the regular introduction of new products and services that we hope customers will love", Braeuniger added. Both benefits are available for an introductory price of $2.99 Dollars per month. Raises $12 Million from Bill Gates and Other Backers
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