Xbox One X Outpaces PS4 Pro Launch Sales in the UK

Xbox One X Outpaces PS4 Pro Launch Sales in the UK

This is about as much as many units as Nintendo Switch did in its first week back in March. - who revealed the latest hardware sales data from GFK Chart-Track - noted today that the Xbox One X sold 80,000 units (up-weighted by 20% from 67,000) during its launch week in the UK.

When GIBiz a bit more into the sales figure of PlayStation 4 Pro, it was brought to our notice that PlayStation 4 Pro took a total of 4 Weeks to reach the figure of 80000 units.

After the release on November 7th, there is a lot of curiosity to find out how the powerful Xbox One X came out the first week on sale.

Let us know what you think about this Sony Black Friday PS4 Pro bundle and whether or not you would rather have more games than the Xbox One X console.

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The PS4 has outsold the Xbox One globally by a ratio of about 2:1 as of early this year, but both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X gave notable boosts to Microsoft's console in the UK.

They also found that the game relied on dynamic resolution scaling, and that for the most part the Xbox One X was capable of hitting the higher-end of the resolution.

However at the end of the day despite the Xbox One X appearing to perform better in certain aspects, overall it seems that the differences don't feel too obvious, but feel free to judge for yourself by checking out the video above.

In short - this is a great news for Team Xbox at Microsoft and Xbox fans.

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