Why this year's average Thanksgiving meal will be less expensive

Why this year's average Thanksgiving meal will be less expensive

That's roughly $1.40 per pound, a decrease of 2 cents per pound, or a total of 36 cents per whole turkey, compared to 2016. That's the lowest it's been since 2013, but is that true?

The meal features eight flavors based on traditional Thanksgiving foods and includes Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Creamed Corn, Green Bean Casserole, Mac & Cheese and Pumpkin Pie.

The stable average price reported this year by Farm Bureau for a classic Thanksgiving dinner tracks with the government's Consumer Price Index for food eaten at home. But according to a new report, the average cost of turkey day isn't quite as high as you'd think, and it's actually the lowest it's been in five years. AFBF's survey menu hasn't changed since its first survey in 1986 to allow for consistent price comparisons.

"For the second consecutive year, the overall cost of Thanksgiving dinner has declined", says Dr. John Newton, AFBF Director of Marketing Intelligence.

In addition, milk prices have remained low throughout 2017.

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Conversely, items that increased modestly in price included a half-pint of whipping cream; a 14-ounce package of cubed bread stuffing; a 30-ounce can of pumpkin pie mix; a 12-ounce bag of fresh cranberries; and a one-pound veggie tray.

This year, the federation had 141 volunteer shoppers in 39 states go out and buy staples for a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people (plus leftovers) - without using any coupons or promotions.

All in all, it looks like the Pringles Thanksgiving offering is probably only going to be suited to hardcore chip fans, and may not be a good fit for something to keep around just to entertain guests.

"Virginians may be paying slightly more than the national average cost of a basic Thanksgiving meal this year, but at just over $5 per person, it's still a great bargain", Pryor said.

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