US Navy to run rare 3-carrier military exercise in Pacific

US Navy to run rare 3-carrier military exercise in Pacific

"He crossed from a North Korea post towards our [South Korean] Freedom House", the South said in a statement. There was no peace treaty.

Ja Song-nam, in a letter addressed to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, stated that the ongoing military drills by the US and South Korea on the peninsula have confirmed that the country's decision to pursue nuclear weapons was the right one.

A JCS official quoted by Yonhap news agency said the South's soldiers heard a gunshot and then retrieved the unarmed soldier in the mid-afternoon.

The South Korean military has raised its alert level in anticipation of a possible North Korean provocation following the defection.

Meanwhile, three USA aircraft carriers are joining a combined exercise with the South Korean Navy in the East Sea in a show of force against North Korea.

The North's drills are expected to run from December to April, according to the South Korean military. Trump met with Japan and South Korea officials early last week.

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It was not immediately known how serious the soldier's injuries were or why he chose to defect. CNN reported that two other military members fled separately in June to South Korea.

The UN Security Council has unanimously ratcheted up sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs since 2006.

South Korean soldiers ride on an armored vehicle during a South Korea/United States combined training exercise at the U.S. Army's Rodriguez shooting range in Pocheon, northeast of Seoul, Sep.

Assigned Strike force Units will conduct series of operations in global waters to practice the US Naval force's unique ability to operate different carrier strike groups as a fully coordinated military team.

The 58-year-old man from Louisiana was detained on Monday morning as he attempted to enter the secretive state.

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