The OnePlus 5T won't get wireless charging, and that's fine

The OnePlus 5T won't get wireless charging, and that's fine

The CEO confirmed this fact in the OnePlus forums.

That being said, OnePlus phones are still relatively affordable when you look at how much companies like Apple and Samsung are charging, although we guess now that the company has moved beyond the $300 price point, there might be some original OnePlus customers who may no longer be able to afford the company's newer offerings.

He further writes. "Some of the best wireless charging pads market the theoretical potential of 15 watts of power, but that's only if you position your phone correctly".

Also, wireless charging is not a truly wireless feature, meaning that the handset needs to be placed on a charging pad. Although the company has admitted that wireless charging has matured over the last few years, but the upcoming OnePlus 5T will ship without the said technology.

However, OnePlus has not dismissed the idea of wireless charging in their phones.

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Lau added that Dash Charge stays cools and power efficient regardless of what users are doing with their OnePlus smartphones.

According to Lau, the company prefers dash charge because of the stability, reliability, and safety of power. First, it was rumored that the OnePlus 5T will have exactly same price as of OnePlus 5 but again, those were only rumors.

Why no wireless charging? OnePlus 5T, which will be released on November 16 is all set to accompany dash charge. He also believes to use a wireless charger - one is required to keep their device properly aligned on the pad in order to get the advertised charging rates and energy efficiency.

You'll need to submit a sort review of the most impressive phone you have ever used. As pointed out by XDA, having wireless charging could benefit a lot of users by allowing them to have short but frequent intermittent charging all throughout the day. The CEO has made it clear that in future, OnePlus may implement wireless charging "when the time is right". TechRadar has claimed that a confidential documentation from carrier O2 confirmed that the identical price of the OnePlus 5T as that of the OnePlus 5.

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