Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Is Stored Near An English Golf Course

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Is Stored Near An English Golf Course

Film bosses thought a barrier of tall trees and shipping containers would be enough to keep the prying public eye at bay - and they would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for meddling Google Earth. No doubt. The location of the Millennium Falcon is adjacent to Longcross Film Studios, where parts of Star Wars: The Last Jedi were shot, and is about thirty minutes from Pinewood Studios, the general Star Wars filming hub.

It is sat facing the elements on the edge of the site of Longcross Studios in Chertsey, near a golf course.

Nearly every adult of a certain age looks back on their childhood and remembers their collection of Star Wars toys. Take a look at the very best stills taken from the upcoming movie.

Remembrance Day services this weekend
Mayor Jocelyn Towns and deputy mayor of Marly-le-Roi, Carlos Montes will be laying wreaths on behalf of Marlow and Marly-le-Roi. In Bo'ness the parade will meet at the Old Kirk session house at 10.30am followed by the church service at 10.45am.

Kennedy had told The Star Wars Show: 'We're sitting down now, we're talking about the next 10 years of Star Wars stories and we're looking at narratively where that might go'.

The Last Jedi, directed by Rian Johnson, picks up exactly where JJ Abrams' The Force Awakens Left off: with Rey handing Luke the lightsaber he lost battling his father above Bespin in The Empire Strikes Back.

It was spotted on Google Earth by Star War fans who are eagerly anticipating the launch of the latest episode in this long running franchise.

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