Philippine Protesters Burn Giant Paper Effigy of Trump in Manila

Philippine Protesters Burn Giant Paper Effigy of Trump in Manila

"Every time he sees me, he says: 'I didn't do that.' And I believe - I really believe - that when he tells me that, he means it", Trump said, arguing that it makes no sense for him to belabor the issue when Russian Federation could help the US on North Korea, Syria and other issues. He did it repeatedly on his 11-day Asia trip.

In August, foreign ministers of Southeast Asia and China adopted a negotiating framework for a code of conduct in the South China Sea, a move they hailed as progress but one seen by critics as a tactic to buy China time to consolidate its power. But none can take America's place in the world, and no US leader should ever create a leadership vacuum for other nations to fill.

With Trump, however, Duterte seems more in his element. His idea of leadership is to engage in a silly battle of insults with North Korea's leader, whom Trump labeled as "short and fat" in a tweet.

He tried to have it both ways Sunday on the issue of Russian interference in last year's presidential race, saying he believes both the USA intelligence agencies when they say Russia meddled and Russian President Vladimir Putin's sincerity in claiming that his country did not.

Justice Asif Khosa of SC rescues himself from Hudaibiya Paper Mills reference
According to details Justice Khosa remarked that his name is being put in the bench by mistake of office. NAB has filed a separate application asking the apex court to condone the delay in filing the appeal.

Progressive solons protested yesterday the arrival of United States President Donald Trump, as they warned President Duterte against "idolizing" the "No. 1 war-mongering fascist president of the world". Putin responded that he "absolutely did not meddle in our election. This has been very successful", Trump said.

On Saturday, Trump lashed out at former heads of the USA intelligence agencies, claiming there are plenty of reasons to be suspicious of their findings and dismissing them as "political hacks". As for Duterte, he relishes the support and attention of global leaders like Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. "To believe otherwise is not only naive but also places our national security at risk".

"Our country would be better off without Trump's visit because aside from pushing and supporting for more military actions in the Philippines, like more airstrikes especially in Mindanao, he is also engaged in rabid saber-rattling in the Korean Peninsula that would have bad effects in the Philippines if war breaks out", Zarate said in a statement. Instead, Trump delivered public words of fawning praise.

Trump's own military warns of the severe dangers posed by China's naval base construction and sovereignty claim in the South China Sea. "It was President Duterte who brought up with President Trump the drug menace in the Philippines, and the United States president appeared sympathetic and did not have any official position on the matter but was merely nodding his head". The White House says Trump briefly raised human rights issues with Duterte. Duterte's office denied any such talks occurred. The US President's signature handshake style makes headlines during every high profile meeting.

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