New Titanfall Game Coming from Respawn

New Titanfall Game Coming from Respawn

According to some reports, the EA published Titanfall 2 suffered due to releasing a week after the EA published Battlefield 1. It may also end up shelling out a further $140 million before 2022 if Respawn hits certain targets and milestones.

The big news of the day for Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment is certainly that they are being acquired by EA.

EA will fork out for $151 million in cash for the team, and has agreed to up to $164 million in long-term equity to be paid to employees, vested over four years. He also claimed that work will continue unabated on both the Titanfall franchise and the studio's unnamed Star Wars project. "For fans, my message is we are still Respawn and we are going to make things better", said Zampella.

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Respawn was an independent studio based in Los Angeles until today but it looks as though everything that they're now developing is still going ahead as planned such as the Star Wars action game, which EA had contracted Respawn to make earlier this year. But it appears to have bounced back from its slow start, and EA's announcement confirms that Respawn is working on "a new title in the Titanfall universe".

Although Respawn Entertainment, the developer responsible for the Titanfall series, has worked exclusively with Electronic Arts since its inception, it wasn't actually owned by EA. "This is a great next step for Respawn, EA, and our players", Respawn CEO Vince Zampella said.

Early a year ago, EA announced that it had contracted Respawn to make a Star Wars action game, in addition to the Battlefront series and what was then planned as a Star Wars action-adventure from Visceral, which has since been canceled. EA has been a great partner over the years with Titanfall and Titanfall 2, and we're excited to combine our strengths.

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