Military police officer fatally shoots robbers while holding baby in Brazil

Military police officer fatally shoots robbers while holding baby in Brazil

Shocking video has emerged of an off-duty police officer shoot and kill two suspects during a raid on a pharmacy while holding his baby boy under one arm.

Sgt. Rafael Souza went to buy medicine with his wife and young son late Saturday afternoon when two armed, hooded men stormed the business outside Sao Paulo, Britain's Independent newspaper reported, citing a Brazilian radio station.

The incident happened in a pharmacy, off duty, a police officer shoots with his gun two robbers who had invaded the store. At the time of the alleged attempted robbery, Souza was also in the pharmacy with his wife and son. Apparently, only after killing both does Souza hand his son over to his frantic wife, who is hiding behind a nearby row of shelves. Surveillance video showed the officer opened fire, shooting past a customer. You can see Souza handing the baby to her at the end of the video.

Off-duty cop shoots dead two armed robbers as they raid a pharmacy… while carrying his BABY BOY in one arm

A Brazil cop got caught in a shootout, firing a gun while holding a baby.

First responders later arrived on the scene and pronounced the two suspects dead, according to reports.

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