Jon Stewart 'stunned' by Louis CK's sexual misconduct

Jon Stewart 'stunned' by Louis CK's sexual misconduct

Stewart then addressed his appearance on David Axelrod's podcast previous year, in which he brushed aside an audience member's question about C.K.'s then-rumored misconduct.

Stewart said he counted himself among those who hasn't had the "urgency" to address the issue in our culture.

"You give your friends the benefit of the doubt", Stewart explained about not believing the rumors when he first heard them. "Some of them have died". You always find yourself back to a moment of, did I miss something?

"Stunned", said Stewart after a moment's hesitation, before comparing C.K.'s behavior to that of a gambler or alcoholic. "So you feel anger at what he's done to people".

"So the internet said Louis harassed women", Stewart replied. I'm not that connected to that world.

Even C.K. brushed off the allegations as "rumors" in a September interview, only to confirm they were all true a day after the explosive New York Times article came out against him. Stewart said as the crowd laughed, later claiming, "I don't know what you're talking about but I can't really answer". "You know who you're talking to, right?"

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"I didn't see the tweets", he continued. I think it's gotten better over the years, but certainly when we started 30 years ago it was really hard and so to do it was an act of bravery in and of itself.

On Tuesday morning, Stewart talked about that incident on Today, saying that he had been caught off guard by Ackerman's question.

John Oliver kicked off the fourth season finale of his talk show Last Week Tonight with a "lightning recap of the week", which included a jab at Louis C.K, the latest in a string of men in Hollywood to be accused of sexual misconduct.

"Addressing the video, Stewart said on the "Today" show that his initial response to the student's question in May 2016 was, "'What?' And then, joke, joke, and as [the student] kept going, I was like, 'Look, I know this is very serious, but I know Louis, he's always been a gentleman to me, ' which, again, speaks to the blindness that I think a man has".

"At the time, I said to myself that what I did was okay because I never showed a woman my d- without asking first, which is also true", he said. The comic was scheduled to appear on Night of Too Many Stars opposite Stewart, but HBO cut the comedian's scheduled appearance on Thursday.

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