James Franco Set to Star in 'Multiple Men' Marvel Flick!

James Franco Set to Star in 'Multiple Men' Marvel Flick!

Madrox debuted, of all places, in a 1975 Fantastic Four comic (Giant-Size Fantastic Four No. 4, to be exact, by future X-Men writers Len Wein and Chris Claremont, with art by John Buscema), before fading into the background for a number of years.

"The multi-hyphenate is negotiations to play Multiple Man in a stand-alone being developed by X-Men producer Simon Kinberg, godfather of Fox's universe based on the Marvel mutants". No release date has been set for this film, but we assume it's still a ways away as its now in the early stages of development. With the help of X-Men leader Professor Xavier and the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards, Madrox was able to more reliably control his self-cloning powers. Fox has had a hard time getting some of its "X-Men" spinoff properties off the ground (see: the ongoing struggle to make Channing Tatum's "Gambit" movie), so we'll see how this one fares in the development stages.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter James will be playing the mutant Multiple Man.

With these three different series serving as the primary source material, the possibilities for a Madrox movie seem certainly stranger than the usual X-Men multiplex fodder, and particularly diverse, if not outright limitless. Perhaps the character could be introduced in another X-Men movie before getting his solo outing? He first appeared on the big screen in 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand.

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