Jacqui Lambie confirms she is a dual citizen

Jacqui Lambie confirms she is a dual citizen

Yesterday the Turnbull government struck a deal with the Labor opposition to force all MPs and senators to reveal their citizenship status by December 1.

Senator Lambie told Fairfax she sought urgent advice last week whether she holds dual citizenship. "It's been made quite clear that because of my father, I am also Scottish".

The Tasmanian independent Senator said she would not refer her case to the High Court if she was found to have breached section 44 of the constitution by holding dual citizenship.

"I didn't think I actually had a problem with it, so I never gave it a second thought " she told LAFM radio in Launceston on Tuesday of her newly-confirmed status as a United Kingdom citizenship by descent.

The ABC understands Senator Lambie has been telling her colleagues that she may have to join the seven other federal politicians who have departed Parliament House during the citizenship crisis.

The Turnbull Government is now facing two by-elections in the Lower House: one for Mr Joyce in New England, and another for John Alexander in Bennelong, who has also quit over a latent dual citizenship.

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"There'll be checking like there's no tomorrow, so I don't think this will be an issue", she said.

She said she will re-contest her seat at the next election.

"I do have concerns that there is a member of this chamber, at least one, who knows they are not eligible to be here due to their constitutionality", Senator Bernardi told the chamber. Are you sad to see Lambie go?

She is now the second Tasmanian senator to force a recount and replacement process, after the departure of Parry.

The Independent Senator said if she's found to be a dual citizen, she'll resign.

Whether a local council position is an "office of profit under the Crown" - a ground for disqualification under the constitution - has been a grey area in constitutional law. "If it is black and white there is no need to take it to the High Court, as simple as that", Senator Lambie told The Mercury newspaper prior to learning the decision.

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