Ivana Clifford: Why I cooked my roommate's ferret in the oven

Ivana Clifford: Why I cooked my roommate's ferret in the oven

A woman accused of killing her roommates' pet ferret confessed to police saying, "They shouldn't have a ferret because I'm pregnant", according to court paperwork.

When fire fighters arrived at the evacuated apartment, they found the source of the smoke: Inside the apartment's oven was a "burnt item", WHDH reports - and that "item" was a 2-year-old ferret named Angel, which belonged to Cara Murray, who lived at the apartment with her boyfriend, James Klimavich.

Police in Manchester, New Hampshire, said Ivana Clifford told investigators that she did it because her roommate stole her clothes.

"It was just devastating, devastating".

Told the roommate, 'How can someone be so cruel to [put] an animal in your oven and cooking it alive'.

"Losing a ferret is like losing a kid or a family member", she added through tears.

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"It nipped her. just nipped her - didn't even draw blood, and that was it", Murray said.

The Manchester resident faces arraignment on the afternoon of November 8, on a felony animal cruelty count. She told the attorneys if they want to get Clifford a mental health evaulation, Community Connections will come to the jail.

Clifford now remains held in custody on $10,000 bail. Murray says Clifford baked her pet to death because it had "nipped" her on the foot.

Judge Gillian Abramson told Clifford, "These allegations display a profound sense of sadism".

Clifford, who is 32 weeks pregnant, allegedly said she killed the ferret in revenge for her roommate's stealing her clothes. If the woman posts bail she is not allowed to return to Murray's apartment. The boyfriend dashed to the oven to find the ferret's lifeless body, Murray said.

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